Goan Recipes & Cooking

A spicy Indo-European Romance...

Kashmiri chilies:
Goa has a variety of locally grown chilies, but the chili of choice today is the Kashmiri chili. The fiery red color it imparts to a dish disguises its mildness.

Goa vinegar:
Made from coconut palm toddy – used in the cooking of meat, poultry and pork dishes, and as a pickling agent.

Goa jaggery:
Pyramids or rounds of dark brown or black palm jaggery – used in coconut-based sweets.

Bimblim / Bilimbi:
Sour, gherkin-shaped fruit – used as a souring agent.

A deep red grape-sized berry. The skin is dried and used as a souring agent in fish and vegetable dishes.

Tefio / Teffa:
Dried, acrid, lemon-flavored berries – used in curries with mackerel and other fish with a high fat content.

Bombil or Bombay duck:
is a slim, soft fish, tastes best batter or crumb fried. When dried, it is the perfect monsoon accompaniment to fish curry and rice, when fresh fish is scarce. Fry chopped, dried bombil crisp; crumble into vinaigrette of onions, green chilies, vinegar and salt.

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