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A spicy Indo-European Romance...

Goan cuisine reflects the combination of Arabian, Portuguese and native cultures, which is a unique blend of richness and simplicity. Goa is also unique in the sense that this mixture of East and West co-exists in a friendly and peaceful lifestyle.

The best of both worlds has been absorbed and knit into a culture very distinctly different from that of the mainland India and it is reflected in its cuisine.

Goan Recipes & Cooking

Few people know it, but it was the Portuguese who introduced chilies to the Old World. They brought the plant from South America, from its natural habitat in the Amazon, and took it to Africa where it adapted itself extremely well.

Chilies were brought to India by the Portuguese almost 500 years. Before this, the Indians did not use this spice. They knew common pepper, cloves and many other spices; however they were unaware of the existence of this food sedative.

Here began the spicy Indo-European gastronomic romance … the fiery food of the region, mellowed to accommodate gentler European palates.

Goan Recipes & Cooking

Goan Recipes & Cooking

The recipes that follow have been collected from various sources like family, mom, grand mother, personal and books. The staple food in Goa is fish and common ingredients include coconut milk and vinegar. Where available I have added the Portuguese names for the recipes.


Warning: Most dishes are hot, pungent and some very vinegary, so be prepared…


So break out the pots and pans, and happy cooking. Enjoy!

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