Goan Music Scene

When people think of Goa they may think about traditional music, due to the location, religion, etc. But, Goa is Home to electronic music.

In modern times, Goa has become a home for electronic music, especially a style called Goa trance. This genre began its evolution in the late 1960s, when hippies from the United States, United Kingdom and elsewhere turned Goa into a tourist destination. When hippie culture began to die out, a smaller number of devotees stayed in the area, pursuing a specific style of trance music.

Early pioneers included Mark Allen, Goa Gil and Fred Disko.

Goa Trance (Psychedelic Trance or Goa or 604)

Rave Party on Beach

Rave Party on Beach

Goa has become home of one strand of the Trance music scene. Goa Trance (sometimes referred to as Goa or by the number 604) is a form of electronic music that developed around the same time as Trance music became popular in Europe. It originated during the late 1980s and early 1990s in Goa. Essentially, Trance music was pop culture’s answer to the Goa Trance music scene on the beaches of Goa where the traveler’s music scene has been famous since the time of the Beatles. During early 90’s Rave scene (all night parties) became very popular tourist attractions.

Goa Trance is very closely related to the emergence of Psychedelic Trance aka Psytrance during the latter half of the 1990s and early 2000s, where the two genres mixed together. Goa Trance is more “organic” while Psytrance is more “cybernetic”.

Goa Trance parties are more popular in Israel, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, etc)

Currently popular groups, artists, titles of mainstream music are starting to incorporate trance sound into their recordings. Initially trance was mostly non-commercial, but trance is getting more and more publicity now, on TV channels such as Viva and MTV, and in the press. Pop and rock stars are starting to collaborate with or even outsource their recordings to trance music composers and producers.

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