Goa Trance Parties

Goa Trance parties began in the late 1980s in Goa, India and they can take place in unusual locations such as on a beach or in the middle of the forest, although it is not uncommon for them to be held in conventional locations like clubs.

Music Party on Beach

Music Party on Beach

There have been attempts to formalize parties, such as those held at Bamboo Forest, into commercial events, which was initially met with much resistance. The need to pay the local police baksheesh (bribe) means that they’re now generally staged around a bar, even though this may only be a temporary fixture in the forest or beach.

The parties around the New Year tend to be the most chaotic with bus loads of people coming in from all places such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and the world over.

However, with the proliferation of Goa Trance music across the globe, parties are now being held at locations all over the world. Among the most notable of these parties are the Full Moon Party held monthly at Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand and several events held in Byron Bay, Australia as well as Israel, Japan, South Africa and Scandinavia. Goa Trance parties are more popular in Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, etc)

Goa parties also have a definitive visual aspect – the use of “fluoro” (fluorescent paint) is common on clothing and on decorations such as tapestries. The graphics on these decorations are usually associated with topics such as aliens, Hinduism, other religious (especially eastern) images, mushrooms (and other psychedelic art), shamanism and technology. Shrines in front of the DJ stands featuring religious items are also common decorations.

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