Majorda Beach

Situated in South Goa, Majorda beach a beautiful beach that has a lot of palm groves. It’s soft white sands and gorgeous greens will not fail to sweep you off your feet.



The Majorda Beach has been mystical since ages. It is believed as per the Ramayana in Goa that when Lord Rama was a child he was kidnapped and brought to Majorda! Later, again in life while in quest of his consort Sita, he came to the Cabo-de-Rama, which lies at the southern end of the Majorda beach.

The history of Majorda is noteworthy for its bakery and toddy, here Jesuits discovered the best toddy of Goa who used it to leaven the bread. Even today the people of Majorda are known to be the best bakers of Goa as they were the first to know the art of baking European breads.

Some of the most famous hotels and resorts of Goa are found here and thus it is quite a popular place for a holiday. You can find wide variety of luxury hotels and budget shelters.

There are number of restaurants and beach shacks that serve up tasty dishes from fresh seafood to the schezhuan specialties and steaks. If you visit Majorda, stop by at one of my favorite Goan restaurants, Martin’s Corner. Here you will find traditional Goan cuisine.

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